Statutory Information

Contact Information

Dial Park Primary School

Halfmoon Lane

Tel: 0161 483 1445

Headteacher: James Clark

Any queries from parents and other members of the public are handled firstly through the office administration team (Mrs Cornah and Mrs Smith) who will then contact the relevant member of staff to speak to.


Our opening times are 8AM for breakfast club.

School day runs between  8:50AM  to 3:05PM

School Vision and Values


At Dial Park primary school we aim to develop a school community where all are valued as unique individuals and treated with fairness, care and consideration. We work to create a climate of mutual respect and tolerance.

We provide opportunities for the continuing development of all pupils’ interests and aptitudes at the same time encouraging the development of individual thought.
We strongly believe in educating the whole child for life beyond Dial Park so they can make responsible use of the skills, knowledge and resilience they have gained.
We help our children to know more about themselves and be more adaptable to change.
We believe that the link between home and school is vital we aim to provide an environment that is welcoming and appreciative of all parents’ involvement in school.
In this way the link between home and school maximises the child’s potential and parents can feel the joy of being involved in creating responsible members of the community.
To achieve our aim of interested, well-motivated independent learners we ensure our curriculum offers experiences that are well planned, varied exciting and high quality

“Our school, Our future”

We invest in safeguarding and support for our children and their families.


Safeguarding and Prevent

Our Safeguarding team consist of – Our Designated Safeguarding Governor (Karen Southwick – Chair of Governors), Designated Safeguarding Lead (James Clark – Headteacher)  and Deputy Safeguarding Lead (Carol Smith – EYFS team leader and SENCO released from teaching Monday – Wednesday every week). We also utilise Gill Johnson as pastoral teacher who works 3 days per week (Monday to Wednesday) who is trained as a designated deputy lead. This gives us depth and support in making correct decisions around the safeguarding needs of our school community. We are also supported but the SNaP collaboration of camus schools. All staff are trained in at least basic safeguarding awareness which is updated at least every 3 years. The same is true of team teach and deescalation techniques.



James Clark (Headteacher) is the designated lead for Prevent and John Benvie is our Prevent Governor. Advice and support is also taken from the SNaP collaboration of campus schools.


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Curriculum Information

For more information please go to the “our school” tab on the homepage and see the “welcome”,  “curriculum” and “additional support team” section.