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Reception Class

The Dial Park Early Years team have developed The Best Balance Approach which takes the best practise and pedagogy from leading experts from the past and present to provide the best learning experiences and opportunities for our children. We strive to create “awe and wonder” through providing rich and meaningful learning experiences in a warm and inviting setting.

The Curiosity Approach and Hygge in the Early Years influence the team greatly in the stimulating environments we provide. Inspirational is what we aspire to be for the children, for ourselves and for other settings. Our inclusive environment and unique child approach mean that all children achieve and make fantastic progress in their crucial first years in education.

One of the super outdoor areas that our Reception children have access to everyday. We have great fun learning outside

Open door policy - staff are approachable, helpful and friendly

Session Times

Reception Class 

8.50am - 3.05pm Monday to Friday

We have a breakfast club available from 8am - 8.50am 
Please contact us for more information. 

Shellman the African Tortoise lives in Reception - Come and meet him

Forest School

Every week the Reception children have either a morning or an afternoon out at Forest school. Hayley and Andy our forest school practitioners lead the sessions. The children cook on an open fire at least once a term which they find very exciting!

Meet the team

The Reception team are enthusiastic and dedicated to helping each and every child to reach their full potential whilst ensuring they feel safe, confident and independant to explore their new learning environment. They are approachable and helpful and will ensure parents feel confident with this big step in their families lives.

Mrs Scott

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Scott started at Dial Park as a Midday Assistant and she started to volunteer within the classroom. We noticed then that Mrs Scott was naturally talented at supporting the children. She then began a post as a 1-1 support for a child with SEND for the last 5 years. Mrs Scott has worked extremely hard and through dedication and motivation she has now taken on the role of Higher Level Teaching Assistant since 2021. Mrs Scott has three children and enjoys attending football sessions with her boys.

Miss Commins

Teaching Assistant

Miss Commins started her teaching assistant career by volunteering at her children's school for a year. She has been a member of the Dial Park team since January 2020. Miss Commins is very committed and has taken the Hygge in the Early Years training and the Tales Toolkit training since starting with us. Miss Commins is very enthusiastic and dedicated to the children and she is fantastically creative and does the best Tales Toolkit stories.

Miss Streets

Reception Teacher

Miss Streets has been teaching for over 8 years as an early years teacher with BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies, she has since gone on to do a PGCE in Primary Education. In previous roles Miss Streets has been a Nursery Manager, Teacher and Designated Safe Guarding Lead. She has also worked with Cheshire Council to support other settings on improving their provision. Miss Streets has a little boy and enjoys going to the gym to keep fit!

Mrs Beecham

Early Years Lead
Reception Teacher

Mrs Beecham has been teaching for over 13 years, BA Hons in Primary Education specialising in Early Years. Previous experience of working in Year 2, Year 1, Reception and Nursery. Mrs Beecham has been KS1, P.E, Curriculum and Phonics lead. Currently, she is leading the Early Years team and also Phonics at Dial Park. She has two daughters and loves horses!

Mrs Brady


Mrs Brady has been teaching for over 30 years mostly in Early Years and also KS1. Mrs Brady is a flexible part time member of the team and does one day in Nursery, one day in Reception and one day in Year 2/1. She is the music coordinator for the whole school and delivers music to Reception on her day with us. Outside of school Mrs Brady likes running, spending time with her family and being outdoors.

Unique setting - lots of indoor and outdoor space for the children to explore

Phonics in EYFS (Letters & Sounds)

The children will learn how to read and write in Reception they take on board a lot of information very quickly! The children start on Phase 1 in Nursery which is listening skills, rhyming and isolating sounds verbally.

In Reception, as soon as the children have completed their settling in visits we will begin Phase 2 which is mainly the alphabet. They will begin to receive key words and reading books to practise the new skills they are learning in school, these will only include the sounds they have learnt.

Once Phase 2 is completed usually around Christmas time they will begin Phase 3 which sees them learning digraphs and trigraphs which are two or three letters that make one sound, e.g. sh, air.

Whilst in lockdown the Early Years team made a Phase 3 phonics video for the children to help them remember their sounds and make them laugh a little in the process! (See Below)

The children move through the phases at their own pace so if they come to school already knowing Phase 2 then we have Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5 and Phase 6 to learn! The learning never stops and each child learns differently and at differing paces. We will teach at the speed your child is comfortable with. 

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Some photos of our class

Daily pictures of your childs fun day at Dial Park

The Power of Parents

Parents are a child's first and most important teacher.

Around the beginning of the year in Reception we have a meeting with parents to talk about how they can help their child make the most of their Reception year. The attached slides are an example of the kinds of information we talk about with parents. This is also an opportunity for parents to ask questions and check anything they are not sure about. Phonics is a whole new world to most parents as they didn't learn to read using phonics so this can be quite a challenge at first! The Early Years is definitely a team effort.

Did you know we have a Pirate Ship in early years ?